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Cow Signals Checkbook

The Cow Signals Checkbook - $68.90

In 84 pages, the Cow Signals Checkbook provides all the score cards, checklists and instruction cards that a farmer or consultant needs in the barn.

Besides cards that may already be familiar to you, such as body condition, hoof and rumen scores, this book contains some new and unique cards. Are you familiar with the nesting score for young calves? The cubicle score card? The heifer introduction checklist? The instruction card for calving assistance? The flow chart for getting cows in calf?

No? Then thatís another reason to get the Cow Signals Checkbook.

This book offers practical information about these important times and events in the lactation cycle and it is bursting with photographs, practical examples, fabulous illustrations and look-think-act pictures to challenge and educate the reader.

Author: Jan Hulsen