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Jack Rodenburg
Jack Rodenburg
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Harold House
Harold House
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Nicholas Hiemstra
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DairyLogix Fee Structure and Services

Individual Consulting - $100 per hour plus expenses. On a well defined project such as a layout for new robotic dairy barn or calf barn, we can quote a set fee if this is preferred. If a barn design incorporates new and novel concepts that we will use again on other projects, we try to allocate some of the development time to future customers. If you are one of those future customers, you may be billed for some of that development time.

Structural Plans - Stamped drawings will be quoted on an individual job basis.

Presentations at Meetings - $1,000 for a single presentation of 1.5 hours or less, or $1,350 for two presentations on the same day, plus expenses.

"CowSignals" or "CowSignals for Robotic Dairies" Workshops - $1,500 per workshop, plus expenses (this is a licenced product developed by Vetvice in the Netherlands, for which Jack is a certified trainer.).

Travel Time - Time spent travelling to and from our home base (Woodstock for Jack, Goderich for Harold) to your farm or event is billed at half the consulting rate ($50.00 per hour).

Tours - $1,200 per tour day includes all arrangements for farm visits, meals, accommodation and travel, plus our personal services while on tour. Actual tour expenses are additional. Fixed quotes adjusted for the number of people can also be provided, but will generally be higher than the day fee plus actual expenses.

Expenses - Commercial travel is charged at cost and we look for the most economic options we can find. For travel by road from home we charge $0.55 per km or for longer trips of short duration we can rent a compact car and bill actual rental cost plus fuel. Accommodation is at cost (and we will stay in people's homes if they want). We charge meals at a flat rate of $60 per day ( $15, $20, $25). When it is possible we do try to combine work for multiple customers in a single trip and then prorate the expenses accordingly.