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Arie and Lisa Duizer, owners of the original 2-robot barn that has become internationally known as the "DairyLogix/Vetvice barn concept" have recently been recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture for adopting this innovative design and for sharing their experience with others. They were recipients of the 2010 Ministers Award for Agricultural Innovation, which comes with a $55,000 cash prize.

The barn, built in 2006, was designed by Jack Rodenburg, then a specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. Jack was also working with the Vetvice group in Holland. He and Arie combined evolving concepts from other barns in Europe and Canada, into a layout with perimeter feeding and central handling to simplify the unique handling requirements of robotic milking. The barn also included a novel split entry holding area, now used worldwide in robot barn design, and was among the first to use multiple robots facing the same way regardless of their orientation to the feed manger. Click for more information or here for a video.