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Feeding Signals

Feeding Signals $41.90

From mouth to rumens and intestines, Feeding Signals shows you how cows use feed and how good management can improve the process.

Feeding Signals answers the four practical questions that every dairy farmer and worker on every dairy farm asks:
  1. What should I feed and how much?
  2. What is the best way to make sure every animal gets the right ration?
  3. How do I check that every animal is eating what they should be eating?
  4. How do I make adjustments and solve particular problems?

This book contains a fascinating array of practical tips and valuable guidelines about the essence of healthy, economical feeding.In addition, Feeding Signals shows you what you, as a dairy farmer, can do today to improve your feed management, with reliable information, short explanations and lots of images taken on working farms

Authors: Jan Hulsen, Dries Aerden and Jack Rodenburg